Once Upon a Time, I had a blog. . . . . when my kids were still in preschool, kindergarten & elementary school. These are "diary entries" from then. I'm so happy that I documented along the way. These memories and thoughts are precious to me. They'll be mixed in with modern day musings as well. I hope it helps you know that all mothers are both perfect & imperfect in their own ways. . . . . and we're all just doing our best and trying to raise productive, happy humans.

What if Tomorrow Is a Sn. . . .YOU are NOT Having another Snow Day!

Dear Diary,  January 15, 2018

About 15 minutes ago, my daughter and I  had this conversation. . . . .

Daughter:  What if we had another snow day tomorrow?  The snowday calculator is saying there's a 42% chance right now.

Me:  You're not having a snow day tomorrow.

Daughter:  Yeah, but what if we have another snow day tomorrow?

Me:  I'm telling you. . . . . you're not having a snow day tomorrow.

Daughter:  But, what if. . . . . . . . . .

Me: You are NOT having a snow day tomorrow  (walks to computer to check weather.com)

Still Me:  See, there's only supposed to be a 5% chance of snow at 7:00 a.m.  AND it's going to be sunny by 10 a.m. when I have to pick your brother up. See?  No snow day.  Now. . . . .say the words SNOW DAY to me one more time.   Come on. . . .say it!  Please don't say it.  I'm just kidding.

To fully understand this conversation, you need to know that my kids have only been in school 4 days since December 21st.  Their first day back to school was supposed to be January 3rd.  They DID in fact go back to school on January 3rd and then they went to their very first ski club that night.  While they were at ski club, we got notification from school that Thursday and Friday would be off school due to weather.  When the weather becomes to cold (dangerous) for the kids who stand at bus stops, then school is canceled.

That meant that the kids got a 4 day weekend, except that when Sunday night/ Monday morning rolled around, there was another snow day, which extended their "weekend" to 5 days.

So, the kids went back to school on Tuesday that week and managed to actually go to school 3 days in a row. . . . and then Friday was called off as a snow day, and BAM!  ~~ another 4 day weekend.

Now, that brings us to our current hour (Monday prevening). . . . . . in which I am saying~~ tomorrow won't be a snow day.

. . . . . . . . . as I go off to check the weather channels one more time. . . .

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  1. You are hysterical! Thank goodness the weather seems to have stabled out. Who knew snow days could get so crazy!