Once Upon a Time, I had a blog. . . . . when my kids were still in preschool, kindergarten & elementary school. These are "diary entries" from then. I'm so happy that I documented along the way. These memories and thoughts are precious to me. They'll be mixed in with modern day musings as well. I hope it helps you know that all mothers are both perfect & imperfect in their own ways. . . . . and we're all just doing our best and trying to raise productive, happy humans.

A Look Back at Some Silly Facebook Posts

Dear Diary,  February 25, 2011

(Some of these are so funny to me. . . back when Facebook was fun!) 

Since I had to look way back through my Facebook posts to find the picture of my old (beautiful) kitchen yesterday, I re-read some of my posts.  Starting just over a year ago and going back to when we first bought the house, I found some posts to help you get to know me better. . . with commentary from now. The posts are color coded according to subject if you don't want to read all. Green is about mePink is about Future Fashionista. Blue is about The BuilderPurple is both kids Red is hubbyBrown is coffee, chocolate, food.

In February 2010, I "liked" the Florida Keys.  I'll be there a week and one day from now!  Woo Hoo!!
Feb.7, 2010--"FF said she wanted to keep me forever"
January 28, 2010--"FF ate a Red Crayon this morning"
January 24, 2010--"Just rescued a 1" Han Solo that has been trapped in a Thomas Saw Mill"

January 15, 2010--"Needs Earplugs.  They. Never. Shut. Up! 
Real life, yo!

January 9,2010--"Okay everyone.  Grab your Margaritas and your Daiquiries and sing with me. . . This mornin, I shot six holes in my freezer. I think I got cabin fever. Somebody sound the alarm. . .  (I am still singing this one now after the last couple days.  It's a pretty common theme in my head in January & February I guess)--Thank Goodness I'm gonna be in the Keys next week.  :-)

January 4, 2010--"Gonna try to make home-made pita pockets tonight.  Wish me luck!  I'm addicted to Pita chips!  --  Look!  We found the first time I ever made them!  If you'd like to try, the recipe is on my post here.

January 2, 2010--"Yo, Joe! He'll fight for freedom wherever there's trouble. GI Joe is there . . .GI Joe/Look through the window and who do we see? Kathy, friend Kathy, another friend for me!  When did my song repertoire become GI Joe and Barney?  It won't leave my head!-- To which someone responded, "Need a drink?"

December 29, 2009--"is short-tempered, tired, unmotivated and having a bad hair day.  And so far, chocolate is not working"
December 29, 2009--I learned my top used words on FB were 1. Kids   2. LOL  3. today   4. "The Builder"  5."Future Fashionista"   6. tonight     7.Hubby    8. off     9.House     10.  Done

December 17, 2009--"Just spilled coffee all over the place.  We were planning on re-upholstering the chairs anyway and the carpet--whatever!  But, what a waste of coffee!!

December 16,2009--"You know you've been together a long time when you walk around with hair color on your hair and hairy legs. LOL Sorry.  Most married folks understand"

December 14,2009--"Thank you God.  I have been truly blessed"

December 10, 2009--"is about to pick up this D**N sewing machine and throw it out the window"

December 2, 2009--"was supposed to marry lawyer or accountant who sails . . . NOT man who sets himself on fire at work and jumps off bridges and cliffs for fun.  How did this happen?!?!

November 12, 2009--"Me--Mommy just wants a little sanity, is that okay?,  FF--No mom, that's inappropriate.   Alright then."

November 6, 2009--"is doing the happy dance!  Daddy's on the way home!  Daddy's on the way home!  Lalalalalalalalala!  ---apparently this was a time when he was working out of town for weeks at a time.
November 1, 2009--"My husband is smoking hot" --  Like many other women, I had been hacked.

October 31, 2009--"If you can't be shiny and blonde on Halloween, then when can you?"

October 29, 2009--"Just asked The Builder if he thought the leaves say "3-2-1, See ya!" before jumping off the branches.  I think I've been living with a BASE jumper too long."

September 24, 2009--"Was trying to get the kids down and have my shower by 8:00 so that I an get ready for Grey's.  Then The Builder asked me if I could tell him "more Jesus stories".  Yes, yes I can"

September 10, 2009--"Needs a dishwasher.  Preferably one who is tall, dark and handsome.  Or a short, muscular, bald Irish guy.  Whatever."

September 8, 2009--"FF is driving me crazy with this pooping on the floor business!! Third time in the last week" --  I don't even remember this.  So, for those moms out there going through potty-training horrors, it does get better.  And you even forget about it.

September 2, 2009--"thinks surely the laundry and the dirty dishes multiply on their own.  My family is either gonna have to stop eating or start goin' nekkid"

August 28, 2009--"ran out of coffee filters!  Yikes.-- This is when I learned from a friend you could use a paper towel.  

August 26, 2009  3:45 p.m.--"is sneaking a peek at the kids in the back yard.  They are walking around the perimeter of the yard trying to find a tree to climb!  LOL  OMG I love those kids"
August 26, 2009  3:45:55 p.m.--Aaaaaaaaaaand now they're driving me crazy again!  Thank goodness I have a Dr. appt. today.  LOL  I'll be freeeeeee!  Kind of.  --Actually posted about this subject in this post:  "Going to the Doctor=Breaktime for Mommy"

June 22, 2009--"wonders why she would EVER leave FF alone in the bathroom after some of the stuff she's done.  Seriously, WHY?  This time I went back in and she had toothpaste all over her forehead and in her hair.  It was pretty and sparkly at least!

May 18, 2009--"left FF alone for a couple minutes to brush her teeth in the bathroom and went back to find her sitting in the sink washing her legs and feet.  LOL

May 10, 2009--"Wonders if people who live by themselves still look over their shoulders to see if anyone is going to "catch" them sneaking frosted brownies with a fork, right out of the pan.  LOL"

 May 6, 2009--"Loves her kids"

May 2, 2009--"Thinks the bonfire is waaaay too far back in the yard and her toes are frozen and doesn't understand why FF can't pee with her shirt on.  Happy Saturday"

April 29, 2009--"is going to go watch LOST and hope it takes my mind off this horrible house.  LOL It won't last forever.  It won't last forever.  It won't last forever."--It might not last forever, but we still haven't expanded.  But, I think we're more adjusted to it now.  Thank goodness.

April 11, 2009--"Spent last night in the new house.  Have discovered that the odd smell is apparently cat pee.  Any suggestions? The house has been closed up for 2 years.  We WILL be ripping the carpet out asap."-- Um, the carpet is still in.  And if you get really close, it still smells like pee.  Although, we're not sure it's from a cat.

April 9, 2009--"is eating chocolate frosting out of a can with The Builder.  Hey, I have to clean out the fridge, right?"

April 5, 2009--"Funny story.  Hubby is stuck in the mud in the back yard right now.  All the new neighbors are trying to get him unstuck.  Except for the ones who are pointing and laughing."

And there you go!  A glimpse of me the first 10 months in our "Little House that was meant to be"

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